Customize and Create Unlimited Dashboard Reports

Pick your layout style, and the metrics you want to include. Salestar has tons of metrics built in. Combined with your custom meta-data metrics, you can create infinite reports to visualize your business and take precise action.

All Report Dashboards in One Place

Put the reports you want to see on the same page. Salestar has "tab based" organization in the dashboard that lets you have literally hundreds of different reports all in one page, at your fingertips.

Organize Report Dashboards into Category Tabs

Organize your reports into the "tabs" for easy grouping. Group your forecasts, profitability reports, advertising reports, or anything else. You will be able to find and access whatever report you desire easily.

Pull Data into Dashboard Reports in Real Time

Salestar's live data flow keeps your reports populated with up-to-the-second information. No more time delays or waiting until tomorrow for your information. Salestar knows that information is money, so we give it to you at lightning speed.

Choose the Report Dashboard Layout You Love

Whether you want to see a report in an "excel sheet" style table, or if you want to visualize the report in chart, Salestar delivers. Choose from Table, Timeline, Pie, Map, or Metric layouts.