Create Complex, Rule-based Payment Profiles

Dictate Processor Cascades, Payment-flows and Salvage declined transactions with Salestar's payment profile feature.

Create Processor Payment Flows

Allow payments to flow through your processors based on revenue rules, time rules, or a combination. Dictate how much, and at what times you allow charges to go through your specified processors.

Create Processor Cascades

Salestar lets you set up a sequence of processors to attempt your transactions, and alter transaction amount on subsequent attempts. For example, "If declined on processor A, try processor B for %10 less." Link as many processors in the sequence as you wish.

Set Payment Profiles for New or Subscription Sales

Send initial sales through one payment profile, and send subscription sales through another. Set your specific rules on each payment profile so that subscriptions and initial sales will follow different sets of rules.

Salvage Declined Transactions

Maximize revenue by salvaging declined transactions. You can attempt to save a declined transaction automatically or manually using Salestar's Salvage Profiles. Dictate specific rules and limitations on when and how much to salvage declined transactions.

Toggle or Add New Processors as Needed

Manually turn on and off processors within your Processor Cascade as needed. You can also add new processors easily into a cascade, and determine how much volume they should get and when.

Set Processor Limits

You can set limits on individual processors, such as number of declined transactions, total amount captured and more. You can also set specified time limits, only allowing a processor to be used during a timeframe.