Enable Your Promotions with Complex Coupon Capabilities

Coupon profiles let you set amount or percentage, along with rules to make your promotion as precise as you require. Limit discounts to specific customers, campaigns, products, groups, initial sales, subscriptions, and more.

Simple Promotions are Easy and Fast

Don't need anything complex? Create simple coupon codes for a dollar or percentage discount, set your allowed campaigns, and your expiration date. It couldn't be any easier to get started taking coupon codes in your Salestar account.

Specify Precisely What to Discount

Choose whether to apply the discount to the product cost, the shipping cost, trials, or subscription renewals. Even let a coupon apply to a number of future subscription renewals. True-false toggles let you get the result you want.

Product Specific Promotions

Choose to apply a code to only certain products. Create specific rules to allow or disallow groups of products to be discounted with a code. Even require specific products be purchased to enable a coupon.

Reward Customers on Future Sales

Automatically apply a coupon code to the future sales of a customer. Set limits like maximum uses, and the number (if any) of future sales which should be automatically discounted.