Accept Сhecks and Offline Payments

Let customers pay by check. Even create Sales with offline payment for special circumstances.

Account for all Checks by Check Number

Salestar's check management section lets you create a record for each check number and assign it to a sale. You can also set a status for a check like "waiting" or "check in hand".

Manage Check Status

Once a check is received and entered into Salestar, you can set its status so that it will be fulfilled or cancelled. Manage your check sales to prevent fraud and to quickly fulfill the successfully paid sales.

Create Offline Payment Sales

Salestar gives you the ability to create a sale with No actual payment method. These special circumstances are often difficult to manage in a CRM. Salestar lets you adjust the status of a sale with offline payment, so that you know whether to Fulfill it or not.

Isolate and Filter Check and Offline Payments

View the check and offline payment sales on Salestar's revenue page. Isolate them for purposes including accounting, evaluation, promotions or anything else.