Create and Manage Customized Trial Offers

Sell your products or services with an initial trial offer. Trials can be free or for any amount, and Salestar gives you the features to build your trial offers exactly the way your business demands.

Easy Creation

Just create a product in your Salestar account and select the check-box for trial offer. Then, enter the settings for billing and shipping to customize the offer to your needs. You can offer a trial for a one-time sale, or the trial period can begin a subscription offer.


Customize Trial Billing Settings

Salestar lets you set the price a customer pays when they first initiate the trial period. This can be free, or it can be a different amount. You can then set the price to charge a customer when the trial period ends. If the product is a subscription type product, you will also be able to specify what to bill the customer on each renewal.


Customize Trial Shipment Settings

If your product is shippable, you can specify in Salestar if the trial offer generates a shipment when it's initiated, when the trial period ends, or both. You can even specify a different shipping method or cost for each instance.


Prevent Cancellations

Salestar gives you a variety of tools to prevent cancellations and keep customers happy. You can end a trial manually, extend the trial period, and offer a discount when the trial ends. You can even set a discount to continue on subscription renewals after the trial. You can modify renewal intervals, and much more. No customer is too difficult to please with Salestar's tools.


Trial Offer Reporting

Salestar's deep-dive reporting lets you isolate and evaluate your trial offers, and the subsequent orders by customers who began with a trial. Metrics like trial cancelation rates, trial conversion rates, and lifetime value of trial-initiated customers will make taking action easy.