Create or Import Products & Services

Set up your Product, service and subscription offers. Salestar allows unlimited products, so create them manually, or import them from a CSV. You can even import using Salestar's plugin for WooCommerce.

Unlimited Products and Groups

No matter how many websites you run or how many products / services you sell, you can sell them with Salestar.


Shippable and Non-shipped Products

Whether you sell access, membership, services, or products, Salestar is built to handle it. Shippable products allow you to specify carrier, method, and rate.


Allow Free Trials

For any sale, whether one-time or subscription, you can enable a Free Trial period. You specify how many days the free trial is, and how much the customer is charged after the trial ends. Set shipping rules as desired to accommodate your Free Trial schema.


Create Subscription Products

Set up Subscription profiles for your subscription products. Set to recur by number of days, months, years, or even on a specific day of each month. Specify number of recurrences, or set to indefinite.