Sell and Manage License Key Enabled Products & Services

Generate or import license keys for your customers, and let Salestar handle the validation and recurring billing. Create rule-based profiles to manage the customers and their license keys, thus keeping payments up to date and revenue maximized.

Easily Generate or Import Your License Keys

There are multiple ways to create/import license keys in Salestar. You can upload a CSV file containing license keys, have a key generated by Salestar at the time of sale, have Salestar fetch a remote license key from a third party license key manager or manually create a license key.


Set License Key Profiles to Follow Your Rules

Whether a license key is renewed, updated, or suspended is up to you. Based on the customer's billing status, you can set automatic rules like disabling a key upon a billing failure, a refund, or a deactivated subscription. You can also set up a maximum age for a license key, to force customers to renew.


Easily Create Subscription Billed Products with License Keys

Set a product/service to automatically charge a customer on the schedule you want. Choose any number of days, weeks, months, years, or even set it to renew the charge on the Nth day of the month. Upon attempting charges, your license keys can be renewed, updated, or suspended.


Sell Trial Offers attached to License Keys

Let your customers defer payment and try a product/service for free for a set number of days. Upon the end of this trial period, Salestar can automatically bill them, and manage the license key accordingly based on the rules you choose.


Extreme Flexibility in Managing Your Billing

For your subscription based billing, you can prevent cancellations with lots of features. For example, you can set the next billing date, modify the interval between billing periods, and change the amount paid going forward. You can even offer limited time discounts on customers' renewal charges.


Send Customized Email Alerts to Customers

Salestar can automatically send an email you create to your customers. Events like a license key expiration or suspension can trigger the email you wish. Use Salestar's HTML email builder to send out the perfect looking email to match your brand. Let customers know their license key has expired, been suspended, or has been renewed. Encourage them to take your desired action.