Connect Your Website to Salestar with Copy & Paste Widgets

Let your blog or website send Sales, Signups and Subscriptions into Salestar by embeddding simple copy & paste widget code onto your website.

Your Website, Your Content. Salestar's Widget

Create an Salestar widget and paste it on your website, keeping the content and layout that you already love. Copy and Paste a signup or payment widget on the page for full integration with Salestar right from within your existing website.

Boost Conversions with In-Content Forms

Take your most popular landing pages and integrate them with Salestar by simply pasting a widget. By allowing visitors to signup or pay from right within your prime content, you can boost conversions significantly.

Create Unlimited Widgets to Compare

Testing which landing pages and widgets convert the best is vital. Salestar allows for unlimited widgets so you can A-B test, compare and analyze which content and forms are generating the most revenue. Salestar's in-depth tracking provides actionable insights for you.

Delight Customers with Custom Responses

Show your visitors what you want after they submit a signup or payment widget. Include data variables in your responses, to give visitors a customized response after their submission. You can also choose to redirect or return tracking snippets.